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FALL 2019

Kicks off September 25th

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Instructions for paying 2019 Fall Kids Connect fees by e-transfer (EFT)
1. From your bank’s on-line account, choose e-transfer.
2. Record the appropriate info in the “From” section (Amount is $15.00)
3. Record the following info in the “To” section:
a. Recipient: Westney Heights Baptist Church
b. Recipient’s email:
c. Recipient’s phone (if required) as 905-686-7782
d. Security question: What is the event?
e. Security answer: KC Fall 2019
f. Message: “For (first & last name of camper)S” (Absolutely necessary information!)
If you have questions, please contact Westney’s bookkeeper (Bonnie) at the above email address.
You still must complete the registration form/permission form (available from Elicia Hannah - or on the
WHBC website) before you are considered “registered”.
Thanks for your cooperation!