We'd Love To Keep In Touch Better

Is Your Phone Not Ringing?

Phone Not Ringing

There may be a very good reason.  We may not have your number.

Many people at Westney have migrated away from home phones to cell phones.

Others have changed their number or not given us permission to share their info.

The new Westney Directory is an online Data Base called Breeze.

Have you received the invitation to sign up but not done it yet?

We encourage you to get it done. Then others can see your contact information.

There's lots of information about you, but only you and the church staff can see it.

Others can only see your name, address, phone and email.

We'd love you to put your picture up.  It'll help folks get to know you better.

Having Problems.  Need Help?

Contact info@westney.ca and we'll help you through the process.

You might also get a phone call from one of our volunteers soon to help you.

Let's all keep in touch with the Family.  It's a Breeze...