Biblically-Based Estate Planning
At Westney this Sunday
Your Will is your "Last Act of Stewardship" as it will deal with all of the assets that you own when you die. Hence estate planning is extremely important, but unfortunately most Christians have little or no knowledge of what the Bible says on estate planning and as a result they are “poor stewards” in respect of their estate planning decisions.

In this in-depth biblically-based workshop series, with 1-2 hours of homework each week, Tom Copland will address some tough questions such as: 

1.    What should parents do if they have an adult child who squanders money or a disabled child who is unable to manage their financial affairs? 
2.    How much is enough for retirement? 
3.    Can you do some giving while you are living?
4.    What if your parents are deteriorating physically and mentally and very shortly they will no longer be able to handle their affairs? 
5.    What if there is a “Gold digger” on the scene who is trying to get your parent’s money? 
6.    What if you’ve been asked to be the executor of a will where the deceased has left a financial mess?
7.    How to minimize estate taxes. 

THE LEADER: The leader is Tom Copland, Charterd Professional Accountant who has been teaching God’s word on finances since 1982. His financial moments are aired on numerous radio and TV stations across Canada.

 Commencing October 14 and ending on December 16, 2018

TIME: 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM

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