Bridges Crescent Project

Bridges Crescent Project

All too often, Christians respond to Muslims without the

compassion that characterized Jesus.

Bridges seeks to replace fear with love and gentle boldness,

reshaping the way Christians respond to their Muslim neighbors.

Bridges focuses on similarities, not differences
. Despite deep differences in Christianity and Islam, areas of overlap exist, providing common ground upon which to connect. Bridges teaches how to use similar concepts in Christianity and Islam as a bridge to understanding and open hearts.

Bridges meets you where you are. Bridges content is understandable even without much prior knowledge of Islam, and deep enough to be valuable to those seeking to build on what they already know about Muslims.

Bridges is practical and biblical. Bridges allows you to gain biblical insight into Islamic history and Muslim beliefs, while providing useful next steps and stories that help you put the teaching into practice.

Bridges is widely used and respected. From full-time missionaries to informal small-groups, Bridges is a trusted resource for thousands of Christians globally, and comes strongly recommended by respected Christian leaders.

Led by David Riegert, and Noemi Jenei this DVD study will change the way you think about and respond to your Muslim neighbours.  Sign up for this exciting DVD series by clicking here.  Catch a sneak peak of the series below...