The Ten Commandments

New Year’s Resolutions

Taken from Dr. Craig Carter's sermon Jan 2nd.  Dr. Carter will be leading us through the ten commandments the first Sunday of every month in 2011.  You can listen to an audio copy here...  Download the PowerPoint file here

•      Many people make resolutions at this time of year

•      The Ten Commandments are relevant for us today

•      They teach us how to live so as to please God and be fulfilled as human beings

•      How about resolving to memorize the 10 Commandments, if you have not already done so?

•      We will study them together one by one

•      As we do, let us pray that God will help us know them, love them, understand them, internalize them and live in accordance with them

If you would prefer a printable copy of the ten commandments to carry around in your pocket,  you can download a printable copy here