Two Services

Thank you for your patience during our transition to two services at Westney.  Did you know the staff, deacons and ministerial team spent almost 6 months praying, planning and thinking through the process?  

Some people are here before 8 o'clock in the morning and still at the church after 1 pm.  We understand that it can be a long day and that it may take a little while to figure everything out.  We appreciate your patience while we iron out all the wrinkles.

If you're wondering how we're doing and how people are responding, the response has been terrific so far.  Many have commented that yes, it's a little bit more difficult than it used to be, but it's exciting to see room for more people to worship and seeing new families come to church.  You can see some of the actual numbers in the data below...

Date            Early Service              Late Service            2013 Total

Sept 15                 266                         155                         421
Sept 22                 322                         165                         487
Sept 29                 284                         177                         461

Oct 6                    327                         244                         551
Oct 13                  280                         208                         488

Before we started dual services, our 'practical limit' for a Sunday was 470 people.  That number represents our church at 80% full.  One of the reasons we initiated dual services was because each year we exceeded this practical limit more often.  That trend continues.  At this point of the year in 2012, we had exceeded attendance of 470 a total of 9 times.  So far this year we have exceeded it 14 times, more than a 50% increase.

Actual attenders at this point in 2012: 16738
Actual attenders at this point in 2013: 17682

If you have some feedback about the two services format, we'd love to hear from you.  As a family, we listen to one another and your input is important and appreciated.  You can submit your comments to our leadership team by filling out the form below....

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