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The call to spread the good news of the Gospel echoes through the centuries directly from the Savior. 
Jesus had a unique worldview because He was the first born over all creation;
everything was created by Him and for Him. 
He chose the time and place of His appearing on Earth.
He became the physical manifestation of God’s love.
His example and teaching changed the course of history.
His sacrifice and Resurrection changed the course of eternity.

Join us March 2nd at 9 and 11:30 am for a celebration of the call to serve
– a challenge to see the responsibility of missions in a new Light
– and a charge to surround those that surrender their lives to the task
of the Great Commission to go INTO ALL THE WORLD. 

 Featuring Westney’s Celebration Choir, and KIDDS’ Choir,
this morning the entire message is presented in music, multi-media and drama. 
Your entire family will be blessed and inspired.  
Because of the sacrifice of those who continue to support missions around the world 
- because of those who still answer the call
- and because of being blessed and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
the name of Jesus is lifted across the globe –

listen to some of the musical here