Special Offering May 15th
Stewardship Fund


On May 15 we will be having our Spring Special Offering!  In the past, these offerings have built a church in Ghana, paid off our mortgage 12 years early, and purchased essential upgrades for our church building.  

Our goal for  the special offering is $40,000 with all proceeds going to our “Stewardship Fund”.  This fund is set aside for maintaining our church building.  As the building ages, there may be major expenses ahead for us.  Examples include paving our parking lot (over $200,000 estimate), replacing our roof ($80,000 estimate), replacing carpet ($30,000).  We want to be wise stewards and prepare for these situations before they occur.  

Thank you for your pattern of selfless generosity in the past and please pray how you can serve the body of Christ by giving generously on May 15.  Thank you!