Old e transfer non secure

Every bank is slightly different but generally they follow these steps: 

Step 1: Sign-in

Once you are signed in to your on-line bank account, find “e-Transfers” or “e-mail money transfers”.


Step 2: “From” section

Record the appropriate details in the “From” section:   

1.  Account:  Choose which of your accounts you want to use.

2.  Amount:  Choose the amount you want to give.  

    (Your bank may have a limit on the amount you can e-Transfer in 1 day.)


Step 3: “To” section

1.  In the “To” section, click “Add new recipient” and then record the following details:

    Name:  Westney Heights Baptist Church

    Email address: bonnie@westney.ca (This address must be correct!)

2.  Click “Add” to add WHBC to your saved list of recipients.

    (For future donations by e-Transfer you’ll simply choose WHBC from your list of saved recipients.)    


Step 4:  “Message”

Please write “Donation from [your first and last name]” in the message section.

Step 5: Security question and password

The security question is:  What is the name of the church?

The answer must be:  WHBC


Step 6:  Check the info you have added and then send. 

Some banks also allow you to set up recurring transfers.