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Making A List Checking It Twice by Emily McCourt
September 9, 2014
Time here is so different, I really can’t emphasize this enough so I’ll share this Honduran proverb with you instead:
“He who is flexible will not become bent out of shape”...

Two Good Reasons By Emily McCourt
August 12, 2014
There are two good reasons to travel out of your home country: One is to learn more about other cultures, the other is to learn more about yourself.... [READ MORE]

A Link Between Worlds by Emily McCourt
August 4, 2014
Over 2,000 miles away, but there's still a link ;) [READ MORE]

A New Beginning by Emily McCourt
August 2, 2014
Getting ready for a journey... [READ MORE]

Saying goodbye to Ghana by Kim Lawson
May 24, 2011

We arrived in Accra at about 5:30...a quick 10 hour drive :). No tires rolling across the road, no flat tires, no detours, but Bruce Y may have forever ruined our Christian loving reputation forever! (You'll have to ask him for the details, but it involved a piece of chewed […] [READ MORE]

Emotional Days by Kim Lawson
May 22, 2011

Saturday and Sunday were such a special and emotional days!Saturday morning, the ladies stayed back to sort and organize gifts, clothing and left over supplies. It seemed like everything we brought was the loaves and fishes! There was so much for us to leave behind. We know that what […] [READ MORE]

The gifts keep coming and we keep on giving by Kim Lawson
May 21, 2011

The teachers and some of us from the building site started our workday on Friday with presenting the 3 primary schools gifts for both the grades and for the individual teachers. The 3 brand new soccer balls presented to each school were a hit both with the kids and the […] [READ MORE]

Catapaulting into action by Kim Lawson
May 20, 2011
One thing I forgot to mention about the rainy Wednesday morning, was that many of the students showed up late for class because the had to wait for the rain to stop in order to do their chores before they went to school.... [READ MORE]

Gifts becoming dinner by Kim Lawson
May 19, 2011

Tuesday it rained while we were working, but instead of the rain cooling us off, the air became heavier and hotter once it ended. It would have seemed impossible, but Hot actually became hotter. That night it seems that many had trouble sleeping due to the thick heavy hot air […] [READ MORE]

Bartering 101 in Ghana by Kim Lawson
May 18, 2011

It looks like the "busy" update finally posted! I've been trying since Friday, but have had a data connection problem. Through phone calls home, some family members have mentioned that they've left comments...unfortunately I haven't been able to get beyond the first page of my blog to read and answer […] [READ MORE]

Busy, busy, busy in Ghana by Kim Lawson
May 16, 2011
Blogs are hard to send, but when they work, they're long.... [READ MORE]

The Hard Work Begins by Kim Lawson
May 11, 2011
Think hot, very hot.... [READ MORE]

The Challenges of Working Far From Home by Les Noble
May 11, 2011
Ghana trip going well... [READ MORE]

Lot's Happening in Carpenter by Kim Lawson
May 8, 2011
Finally we've arrived! [READ MORE]

We've Arrived in Ghana by Kim Lawson
May 7, 2011

LHR - London by Kim Lawson
May 6, 2011
1/3 of the way to Ghana... [READ MORE]

Ghana Here We Come! by Kim Lawson
May 5, 2011
Who doesn't love airports?... [READ MORE]

Can 30 People Make A Difference? by Don Salmon
May 5, 2011
It’s been a great day here at Westney.   At around 11 o’clock Joyce and Les Noble showed up and started gathering up everything that’s been collected for the Ghana trip...

5 More Sleeps 'Till Ghana by Kim Lawson
April 30, 2011
Yup...5 more sleeps and it's up, up and away to Africa!


Come and Show Me Your Mercy by Joyce Noble
April 17, 2011
Psalm 119:32 Come and show me your mercy, as you do for all who love your name.

Come show me your mercy.  Has this prayer been prayed by the People of Ghana? [READ MORE]

Panting, Longing, Waiting Expectantly!! by Joyce Noble
April 13, 2011

Psalm 119 130 The teaching of your word gives light,      so even the simple can understand. 131 I pant with expectation,      longing for your commands. Have you ever PANTED for something?  Have you waited expectantly for something to materialize?  Websters describes the word expectant as watchful waiting.   Although a Medical term in reality, it does […] [READ MORE]

Gotta Ghana by Joyce Noble
April 4, 2011

The teaching of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand. Psalm 119:130 On March 20 a Bible was presented from Pastor Jack for Subinso, Ghana for those to whom we will build a church.  Psalm 119, verse 130 tells us that the teaching of your word gives light.   The […] [READ MORE]

From Dream, to Vision, to Reality by Joyce Noble
March 23, 2011

A couple of years ago during a morning service David Mensah was sharing his dream about having a group come from Westney to build a church in Subinso, a little town South of Carpenter in Ghana.  Pastor Jack shared that maybe there just might be a possibility for this dream […] [READ MORE]