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Let The Stones Be Silent by Cindy Kane
October 11, 2014
A few years ago I was a speaker at a ladies retreat where I shared my life story.  It was the first time I had spoken about my life.  Just this past year I went back to that same ladies retreat.  During dinner I had a lady come up and tell me that she remembered me from when I had spoken there years before.  She had never forgotten my story, and she thanked me for sharing my testimony that day and told me what a blessing it had been to her. 

Why am I telling you this today?  Because God can use our words to bless others.  Those of us that have been saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ all have a testimony of redemption, faith, grace and love to share with others.  We have a story of God's mercy that needs to be proclaimed.  God has saved us, guided, sustained, rescued, and richly blessed us, it's story that needs to be shared!

In Luke chapter 19 and verse 40 we read these words that Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, who wanted Him to rebuke His disciples for proclaiming that He was Lord and King.

"And He (Jesus) answered and said unto them, I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."  All of nature clamors to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!  Creation itself bares witness to His great power and majesty.  

Psalms 19:1  "The heavens declare the glory of God:  and the firmament sheweth His handiwork."  Why should we, who have such a marvelous salvation story be quiet?  If Jesus is your Savior, then you have a story rich in truth that this dying world needs to hear...don't be silent, for you have no idea the hearts that are hungrily waiting for the words of healing and hope that you can give them!

Mark 16:15  "And He (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  How are we doing with this commandment?  Many of us will never reach Africa, India, or China;  however...we are surrounded with lost souls right here, where we live, work, play.  Are these people hearing from your lips what your Savior has done for you?  Do they even know that you are a Christian?  It shows the sorry state of Christianity today, when those we interact with on a regular basis don't even realize that we are a Christian!  If you don't tell them about the love of Jesus, when you are given the chance, they will someday wonder why.  

Don't be shy today in sharing the greatest love story this world will ever know with others.  Their eternal destiny depends on what they do with Jesus, don't be the one who didn't give them that chance.

Lord, Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart
Lord, lay some soul upon my heart,
And love that soul through me;
And may I faithfully do my part,
To win that soul for Thee.
Lord, there are souls that I should win,
Lost souls for whom You died;
And may I never draw back or sin
With fear or foolish pride.
Lord, may I love as You have loved,
The souls of those I know;
And grant me power from heav'n above
Thy love for them to show.

Cindy Kane Photo
Who I Am: Hi, my name is Cindy Kane, and I am a recent transplant from Nova Scotia. 
Recently widowed, I accepted the invitation of my son Paul and daughter-in-law Jessica to move here to Oshawa to live with them. 

Even though most people view my life as having been difficult, I can say with absolute certainty that God is good! 
Psalms 121:1 "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help." 

God has proven His faithfulness in my life many times over.
I have learned over the years that God allows pain and suffering into our lives for 3 reasons: 
1. To draw us closer to Him. 
2. To conform us to His image. 
3. And so that we may take what we've learned and be a help and encouragement to others traveling the same difficult path. 
I have seen the Lord take the broken vessel of my life, and transform it to a vessel of beauty and worth, fit for His glory and use.  Yes...My God is good!


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