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Living With High Blood Pressure by Don Salmon
January 26, 2015

Last fall, my doctor told me I had high blood pressure.  I know some of you are thinking if you worked with Pastor Don every day, you’d have high blood pressure too, but there can be other reasons for high blood pressure other than just stress. :) 

Exercise, diet, sleep regularity, genealogy, and other factors can play into the condition.  So for the last 6 months I’ve been having a lot of visits with my health professional.  The first thing he likes to do is check my pulse.  Your doctor feels your pulse in order to check your heart's rate and rhythm. Each pulse matches up with a heartbeat that pumps blood into the arteries. The force of the pulse also helps evaluate the amount (strength) of blood flow to different areas of your body.  When feeling your pulse, you can also tell if your heart rhythm is regular or not.  The good news is, one little pill a day has put me in the normal zone. Pastor Don says I don’t have any clue what normal is, but my doctor says I’m there.  :)

The reason I’m mentioning Pastor Don so much, is that on Sunday, he gave our church a  physical.  I don’t mean he lined everyone up and took their pulse, but he gave us the tools we need to take our own.  "Doctor" Don our “spiritual health professional” laid out some very convicting guidelines for measuring your spiritual heart rate.

Here’s the good doctors method of checking your health.

1) Know the facts:

Personal Study – Are you in the Word daily, weekly, occasionally or rarely?  The less you’re in God’s Word, the more chance your BP is up. Blood Pressure, Bible Problem, you choose.

Communal LearningHow many times a week are you in a group setting to learn with other believers?  Just once for Sunday Services, twice including Sunday School, three times with a small group study?  The more you’re in a Christian group setting, with a study or mentor, the less likely you are to have a DP.  Diet Problem, or Discipleship Problem, you choose.

Meditation – Even the health experts say that meditation is good for you.  It helps with stress, self-awareness, and attention span. Just imagine how much better the results go up when what we’re meditating on is the Word of God.  Put those memory cards to good use in 2015.

2) Live In Relationship With God

Prayer: A Moment by Moment conversation with God.  This is normally the first sign that we’re holding something back.  When we don’t get the answer we want from God, that’s most often when we stop asking the questions and disconnect from the conversation.  This has to be the hardest for most people, because prayer always starts with surrender.  God will always cut to the chase and start with “glad to hear from you, how’s your heart?”

Repentance: Changing Your Mind About Sin. God knows we’re sinners.  We don’t stop having the ability to sin when we receive Christ, we just become more aware of it and due to the fact we want Christ to live through us, sin becomes vile to us.  If we’re not changing  our mind about sin, we’ve got a heart problem.

The way Pastor Don concluded his "secret to good health lesson" was summarized in 5 words.  FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS.  If that’s our heart medication, our prognosis is a good one, and we’ll become much healthier. 



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