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Can 30 People Make A Difference? by Don Salmon
May 5, 2011

They were excited and eager and greeted every person who arrived with expectation of great things to come.  Before you knew it we had 40 or 50 people here at the church.

Families were here to see off their loved ones; for some what could be a very sad time, but there was a very real presence of joy in the room.

Can 30 people make a difference in just a few weeks?  If you look at the biblical precedent we have in the lives of Jesus, his disciples, and the early church, most of them moved around, spending anywhere from three weeks to three years in a single location -- not exactly what we'd consider long-term missions today.  But, in a little less than three weeks, our team hopes to see a new church raised in Ghana, lives touched and hearts changed.

As Pastor Jack spoke and Pastor Don prayed, I was struck that these 30 people will be the instruments that God uses to make a difference with eternal consequences.  Enjoy the photo  taken  on the steps of the church and please be praying for their time in Ghana.

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