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Gifts becoming dinner by Kim Lawson
May 19, 2011

Tuesday it rained while we were working, but instead of the rain cooling us off, the air became heavier and hotter once it ended. It would have seemed impossible, but Hot actually became hotter. That night it seems that many had trouble sleeping due to the thick heavy hot air and later the loud rain on the tin roof. At about 3am, most everyone was awakened by a huge thunder bolt and incredibly heavy rain. It rained heavy all of the early morning, but it had stopped by the time we reached the site. The rooster still made his rounds just before 5:45am, so everyone was ready for breakfast on time, but Phillip, the friendly gate keeper with a giant white smile, was somehow delayed, so Pete had to jump over the gate to let them know and let us in. The morning temperatures were wonderful, but after lunch it was humid and hot once again...although certainly not as hot as Tuesday.

We left for the Subinso market after the teachers finished their day at 2. Our young pastors were more than happy to show us around. The market seemed to be a mix of a farmer's market and flea market. The back section was the yam market...hundreds of yams in at least 3 varieties. We saw taxis leaving with their trunks and backseats overflowing with them...the back bumper mere inches off the ground! There were also many small tomatoes, dried and fresh peppers, onions, ginger root, bananas and Joe's and Ian's favorite, whole dried fish...small and large...and lots of it! Blackened dried out fish curled up with dried out eyeballs and many flies around them...yummy! (Both Joe and Ian had get out of that area fast because the smell was getting the best of them :). There weren't many crafts to look at and buy except for some ceramic grinding bowls, woven fowl carrying baskets and sandals made from old tire rubber. Some of us bought some Ghana style dresses and hand woven men's shirts. Several of the men were with me shopping, but Oscar was the one who helped me with the dress and assured me it was the latest in Ghanaian fashion :). Elvis, a young 17 year old who has been an incredible help on the work site, held my hat and glasses as I tried them on over my clothes, and by the time I was through I must have had an audience of over 20 for sure. I've never been so nervous trying on clothes before, and without a mirror to see myself, I had to take everyone's word for it as they asked me to turn around and show them off. I really had no choice but to buy a could I say no with that many looking on? Trying it on when we got back to the compound, I am quite happy with the dress although it is very large, so if I fashion it a little bit like a kimono by using the hairpiece fabric like a belt, I think it should help me not to lose myself in it. Vivianne was able to buy fabric and get measured up for a custom dress that will be ready for pickup on Friday! Sweet! Can't wait to see it!

We had custard for dessert again Wednesday night for dinner. It is so good, and Nathan, our summer camp cook, says that Abraham does it to perfection! :) 

It looks like this afternoon, the cute goat we got as a gift from Pastor Rans and the church was being prepared for us to enjoy...possibly tomorrow night? Bruce Y and Sam have pictures showing us part of how it was done :(

Thursday morning our rooster was late! I thought that maybe he'd become someone's dinner. Fortunately we are all well trained by now and everyone was ready for breakfast this morning :).

Marion, you'll be happy to know that Paul has remembered that today is your anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!!

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