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The gifts keep coming and we keep on giving by Kim Lawson
May 21, 2011

The teachers and some of us from the building site started our workday on Friday with presenting the 3 primary schools gifts for both the grades and for the individual teachers. The 3 brand new soccer balls presented to each school were a hit both with the kids and the teachers. Our prayer is that the effort our teachers made and the supplies we provided help change the schools for a long time to come. That the new teaching techniques and attitudes, and the new resources be properly utilized to make a big difference. We've done our part, now we'll wait to see what the Lord does with that :)

Before lunch, the chief from the southern village of Subinso No.1 (there is Subinso No.1 and Subinso No.2), who we have never met before, came to the jobsite with some of his elders to present us a gift of yams and a rooster. We will be presenting to them some school supplies on Saturday to use in their only primary school. The church we are building is on the south edge of Subinso No.2, and both communities will be meeting there together. The rooster they gave us was tied to the root of the mango tree where we eat lunch, by one leg, and by the time we had lunch, he had pecked a cord of the string till it broke. Somehow he became free by the end of our workday and several of the kids were chasing after it. When asked to confirm the whereabouts of our rooster tonight after dinner, David's answer was, "We know where he is", and he left it at that. I can't help but wonder how long the mystery of the breakaway rooster will continue?!

God certainly has a sense of humour :). Yesterday I shared my wish to spend 48 hours living as the villagers do with two exceptions. Today for lunch, one of those exceptions was erased...sort of. We were served fish today for lunch! Fortunately not the smelly blackened dried fish with the flies that we saw at the market on Wednesday, but fresh Telapia that they grow at the compound. Now I like fish, but these were served Ghanaian style...whole with the tails still attached, but at least the heads were not still on them. David watched me take mine and I mentioned that I my hand was almost shaking as I took it. He was very surprised when I came back for a second! It was really good! It just took a lot of work to get the meat as you had to pick out the bones. As the Ghanaian team ate them, we realized that the fish aren't meant to be eaten so much with a fork like we were doing. They just held them in their hand and bit off the meat. It looked easier that way anyway. I will still draw the line at those dried fish from the market though :)

The last trusses are up and the one side is strapped and ready for the fascia boards and tin. The second side will be done tomorrow and it's Ebenezer's goal that by he time we leave the site, all the tin is up! It is a long way up above a concrete floor for those sitting and nailing on each rafter, and we are very thankful no one has been hurt up top, or down below when the occasional tool has fallen. We continue to pray for safety right through to the end.

Because these last parts of our project can only involve so many, and there isn't much clean up left to do, the men will be heading to he jobsite in the morning in the back of the cargo truck, and the ladies will spend the morning sorting the clothing donations and final gifts before we head there in the bus for lunch and for a group picture on the steps of the church. We will then return to finish up the packing as we will be heading back to Accra bright and early on Sunday morning.

Health wise, one team member stayed back on Friday, and two on site were not feeling too well but everyone was feeling well enough by dinner to join us for another wonderful meal. Ebenezer said he was at about 70% wellness today, but his right hand man, Moses, had to rest some because he seemed to have what Ebenezer has.

It looks like our goals will be reached, and we continue to be thankful for your prayer support for health and safety.

God is Good!!!

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