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Emotional Days by Kim Lawson
May 22, 2011

Saturday and Sunday were such a special and emotional days!

Saturday morning, the ladies stayed back to sort and organize gifts, clothing and left over supplies. It seemed like everything we brought was the loaves and fishes! There was so much for us to leave behind. We know that what we left is needed and much appreciated. Thank you for donating so much!

At lunch time, the women joined the men at the jobsite for our last wonderful hot lunch under the mango tree (made complete with Brenda's homemade chocolate chip cookies!). We presented the workers who joined us and the young pastors everyday to work, and the Ghanaian women who were on site to cook up the Ghanaian lunches, some small gifts.

By the time the men returned to the compound, most all of the tin on the roof was installed! The Ghanaian men danced and sang all the way to and from the jobsite that day in the back of the cargo truck. Their joy is so infectious! Hearing them coming down the highway towards the compound singing loudly and playing on their tool instruments got everyone's attention. We just had to leave what what we were doing in the compound to see them :). Hot, dirty and sweaty, but singing with incredible energy and smiles!

Saturday evening's farewell dinner was bittersweet. Abraham prepared a beautiful meal in including our gifted turkey (complete with gravy), grilled fish (he left the heads on this time which Pete and Caleb chomped right into in front of the camera ;), and much more, finished up with wonderful pineapple fritters! We presented gifts to the support staff who drove us safely every day, cleaned our rooms, did our laundry, guarded the gate and cooked our delicious meals. We gifted our new friends, the young pastors, who we sweated beside every day. We couldn't thank them all enough, who with the leadership and hospitality of David & Brenda, made us feel safe and comfortable while we were so far from home.

On behalf of the youth, Nathan presented the announcement of the $13000 gift of high school scholarships. Noah, who oversees many of the NEA functions including the scholarship program, shared his appreciation by sharing with us that be was an orphan who became a business man and all he does today because someone gave so he could go to school.

Bruce May presented David & Brenda a special quilt that his wonderful wife Sieglinda made with the Canadian maple leaf and Ghanaian colours, along with the other items we gave.

Pastor Rans was overwhelmed when he heard that beyond the funding and physical help to build the church in Subinso, and the presentation of the pictures and beautiful bible, there were funds to supply 200 chairs, a sound system, keyboard and drums.

We were surprised when at the end of our presentations, we were given beautiful Ghanaian dresses for the women and colourful shirts for the men. We had quite the fashion show under the gazebo that night :). 

Saying goodbye to Ebenezer, Moses and the team was hard on Saturday evening. Sunday morning after our 6 am breakfast, it was even harder again to say goodbye to all the young pastors. I tried to memorize each face as I shook their hands or gave them a hug goodbye. Most were easy to get to know because they spoke english quite well, although at first they had to get used to our Canadian accents. A few were quiet and we exchanged little more than smiles. I can only hope that through the pictures taken, I don't forget each one and their story.

I think that many of us are already looking for the next opportunity to come again.

I am writing this as we are on the bus on the way back to Accra, after our first refueling stop. Safety on these roads is not to be taken for granted. Thank you for all your prayers.

God is Good!!! And as the symbol that is on the NEA bus and on the chairs says, 'Except for God'.

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