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Happy Easter by Elisa Chung
April 6, 2015
Elisa Chung


I have met many of you after I became a Christian, but there was a time in my life when I was openly hostile to God. I knew He existed, but I didn't glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. Instead I despised Him and cursed Him both in my heart and by my outward expression. And I was fine with that.


I was fine with my life and aspirations for my futre. I was fine with my position in life and could envision brighter days ahead. I was fine financially, socially, relationally, physically. I was fine with it all until the day came when I became not fine. It was the day when my knees were knocked out from under me and I could barely lift my head much less my spirits. Well-intended words could offer no salve, wordly wisdom was completely insufficient and at best, delusional. I knew something was wrong and at the core of my being, I knew that that something was me. 

When I had come to the end of myself, I could look nowhere else but to God. But I had cursed Him. I had rejected Him. Would he ever accept me back? So I prayed, "Please make me right with you".


Whether it happened in that moment or over many days I can't say, but the story of the cross and of Jesus Christ began to unfold in my heart. Jesus' message of coming as the Son of God to suffer and die on a cross and to take upon Himself the punishment that was legally mine, broke me. I began to repent and I had a lot to repent of and so they rushed like flood waters. But light broke through as forgiveness and as love and it was the sweetest homecoming I have ever known. 

Many think that believing in Jesus means blind faith or that I have abandoned all logic and reasoning. I assure you, Christianity is an intellectually rigorous faith that demands logic and reasoning, much less a life time of reading, studying and contemplation.

I am willing to take the risk of sounding narrow minded, politically incorrect and anti-relativistic, because I can tell you the truth. Not just one truth among many truths, but THE truth:

Does God exist?

Who is Jesus?
God. Son. King.

Was I a sinner before Christ?

Am I sinner now even after Christ?

Have all my sins been forgiven through Christ alone?
Yes. Totally. Completely. Eternally.



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