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What's In A Name by Don Salmon
April 26, 2016

...but if you’ve been at Westney for over 20 years, you remember the days when everyone knew your name.  Meeting at Applecroft Public School, there was less than 100 of us, and you knew who everyone was.

With 2 services at Westney, and the hustle and bustle of Sunday School in between, it’s impossible to remember everyone’s name.  On April 17th, we tried to solve that.  Amnesty Sunday, no, not knowing someone’s name is not a forgiveable offence, but it certainly can be embarrassing.  Everyone who came to church that day was asked to wear a name tag.  Many enioyed the experience of getting to know one another, especially people who were new to our church.

It’s something we’re going to do again soon, and if you didn’t have a pre-printed name tag, you can help us out for the next time.

A database has been set up that takes all your contact information so we can keep in touch with you and even print a name tag for the next time we have a Name Tag Sunday.  You can sign up for the database here


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