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Old Things By Laura McCourt
September 6, 2014


It had begun, and the circles of belongings that were piled on the living room floor grew by the minute. For the most part, I was pleased with the progress I saw as my daughter Meg got excited about her task and created three piles of her things: one to donate, one to discard and one to keep. She was getting ready to go to university and I had asked her to go through her closet, her dresser drawers and bookshelf to make those decisions. When I looked at the items she wanted to throw away or donate, I was pleased with her choices. There were old toys, clothes that were too small, books that had been read and knickknacks that no longer appealed. A surprise came, however, when Meg showed me a box.  As she handed it to me she said, “Mom can you use these for your classroom?” I was shocked that she was willing to get rid of her special marble collection that she’d started when she was four. So I replied, “But Meg these were precious to you for so many years. Are you really ready to give these up? And what about this cute box? You could probably use this to keep other stuff in.” Here I was saddened at the possibility of her missing out on a childhood memory by giving things away too soon. Other items were to follow, like china ornaments that were given by family members as mementoes to commemorate milestones in her young life. The thought that these things were leaving our home really began to bother me! Suddenly I was threatened by her desire to do away with her childish things. The push I gave her to sort through her belongings suddenly became uncomfortable for me. I had a desire to protect the little girl memories of her that were so special. Deep down, I didn’t want her to continue her purge; it seemed too easy for her to give away her special things while I struggled with it. Yet, here she was wisely demonstrating her readiness to grow up.

How often are we guilty of the same thing where the precious things of God are concerned? We have a tendency to hold on to the sinful comforts of our past lives that make us feel safe and rewarded for the poor choices we make. Choices that do not glorify our Saviour. Where Meg was concerned, I had the responsibility to support her as she chose to grow up, to make room for new mementoes that would come, but instead I was thwarting her progress with my desire to have her hold on to old things. This was an exciting time and I had reconsider my motives as her room became neater. Satan has the same intention. He does not want us to grow up spiritually. His plan is to derail us in our walk with God and see us ineffective as His messengers. By holding on to routines and life choices of our sinful, selfish past we miss out on the exciting, new adventure God has planned for us to experience. His plan for us to grow up in Him.

 During the simulcast, and in the days following, it is my prayer that we would all be changed by what we hear and learn. We need to be intentional in our goal to grow up spiritually and discern anew what God’s plan is for each of us. His word says in 1 Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I spoke as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Laura McCourt
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