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Unchanging God by Elisa Cheung
September 8, 2014
IKayak alone on the lake was very blessed this summer to be invited out to a friend's cottage.  Every day, I took the kayak out into the middle of the still lake where I let my fingers drop in the cool water and marvelled at the beauty of God's creation surrounding me.  The stillness of the water soothed every one of my nerves and I basked in the quietness that I so desperately needed.  It was easy to praise God while floating on a beautiful lake, surrounded by majestic trees with the occasional fish leaping in the water.  I praised Him for his blessings, His creativity, His love and provision for me.  I marvelled at all the beauty around me and knew that only a beautiful God could create all this.  I rejoiced in my heart and songs of praise flowed freely.  
This joy in my heart stayed with me even as we packed up and headed home.  But then we hit a wall of traffic on the 401.  When we turned on the radio to listen to the traffic report, we instead heard of rising death tolls in Israel and Gaza and violence in the city.  My husband let out a long sigh and reminded me that this week would be brutal at work and that he would be late every night.  Emails that had gone unread all weekend were a reminder of problems and stresses that I needed to deal with.  And just like that, the joyful, praise filled attitude that filled me all weekend was snatched away.  I looked around at all the tired and frustrated faces around me. I was no longer surrounded by lush trees and a peaceful lake, but by rows of cars and concrete walls. 
I half jokingly prayed, "God, where are you?  Are you here in this troubled, ugly world or did I leave you in cottage country?"  I didn't see his beauty in the exhaust fumes wafting up into the sky.  I didn't feel his love as I considered the war in the Middle East.  I didn't feel like praising Him as I tallied up the bills in my head.  At that moment I was reminded of Malachi 3:6 "I, the LORD, do not change".  God does not change.  My environment or circumstances may change, but God does not.  The loving and awesome God who created the beautiful lake and the stunning trees is the same loving and awesome God in trials, destruction and mourning.  He is forever good, forever loving, forever steadfast and forever worthy of praise whether in seasons of peace or in seasons of trouble.  I may not always understand the purpose of trials or travesties that happen in this world, but I can rest assured that God is still faithful and that He is good...all the time.
Elisa Chung
Heavenly Father, we thank you for your unchanging nature.  As thousands of women come together to praise you on September 13th, there will be women coming from lives of beauty, and women coming from lives of trouble.  In each one, you remain beautiful, and you remain faithful.  Help us Lord, to see you in all things, and to see that you are good!  In Jesus name we pray, amen

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